Politics Betting

In the ever changing and dynamic world of politics, uncertainty is pretty much a given. And that is exactly the kind of setting where betting thrives; wherever outcomes are not always certain – and there is significant scope for speculation, it is the perfect ambiance for betting.

US Presidential Election - Next President

Lake, Kari+9000
Pence, Mike+3600
Ryan, Paul+13000
Christie, Chris+14000
Paul, Rand+19000
Booker, Cory+12000
Clooney, George+13000
Obama, Michelle+3500
Klobuchar, Amy Jean+9500
Haley, Nikki+1925
Gillibrand, Kirsten+16000
Kasich, John+18000
Cuomo, Andrew+20000
Rubio, Marco+13000
Winfrey, Oprah+13000
Sununu, Chris+9000
Moore, Wes+8000
Hart, Kevin+22000
Kennedy, John+22000
Beverley, Patrick+40000
Coleman, Ronnie+28000
O Brien, Conan+28000
Gore, AL+17000
Clinton, Hillary+5600
Maher, Bill+17000
Romney, Mitt+13000
Gates, Bill+26000
Warren, Elizabeth+7000
Brown, Sherrod+22000
Duckworth, Tammy+16000
Cuban, Mark+10000
Kennedy, Caroline+17000
Johnson, Dwayne+7000
Trump Jr, Donald+13000
Stewart, Jon+17000
Kushnar, Jared+22000
Cotton, Tom+9500
Trump, Ivanka+12000
Garcetti, Eric+16000
Newsom, Gavin+1900
Abbott, Greg+17000
Gabbard, Tulsi+9000
Bloomberg, Mike+12000
Harris, Kamala+1725
Cruz, Ted+9000
Carson, Ben+11000
Sanders, Bernie+9000
Biden, Joe+280
West, Kanye+11000
Sasse, Ben+20000
Scott, Rick+19000
Blackburn, Marsha+15000
Scott, Tim+9000
Baker, Charlie+14000
Flynn, Michael+11000
Turner, Nina+20000
Shapiro, Ben+22000
Hogan, Larry+14000
Abrams, Stacy+10000
Carlson, Tucker+9000
Crenshaw, Dan+14000
Whitmer, Gretchen Esther+3600
Pressley, Ayanna+22000
Nunes, Devin+20000
Trump, Lara+17000
Hawley, Josh+12000
Pompeo, Mike+5600
Desantis, Ron+265
Trump, Eric+20000
Trump, Donald+360
Colbert, Stephen+15000
Pelosi, Nancy+10000
Dimon, James+17000
Buttigieg, Pete+3500
Ryan, Tim+11000
Jordan, Michael+22000
James, Lebron+17000
Yang, Andrew+13000
Manchin, Joe+11000
O Rourke, Beto+13000
Ocasio-Cortez, Alexandria+8000
Owens, Candace+12000
Rogan, Joe+18000
Kemp, Brian+7500
Coulter, Ann+22000
Masters, Blake+22000
Elder, Larry+22000
Youngkin, Glenn+4000
Cardone, Grant+11000
Suarez, Francis+11000
Jones, Jerry+17000
McConaughey, Matthew+22000
Adams, Eric+15000
Fetterman, John+17000
Cooper, Roy+16000
Kelly, Mark+11000
Healey, Maura+11000
Vance, James David+17000
McCarthy, Kevin+11000
Lodge, Steve+17000
Jordan, James Daniel+20000
Ossoff, John+18000
Porter, Katie+22000
McEnany, Kayleigh+19000
Guilfoyle, Kimberly+22000
Noem, Kristi+8000
Gaetz, Matt+18000
Markle, Megan+19000
Collins, Susan+22000
Bezos, Jeff+15000
Cheney, Liz+11000
Campbell, Bruce+17000
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US Presidential Election - Winning Party

Republican Party-136
Democratic Party+108
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In the context of politics, there are so many unknowns. For instance, when there are mainstream elections due to take place, it is tough to predict who will turn out to be leading candidates. Likewise, it is not always certain which parties will prove to be frontrunners.

Across all these scenarios, political betting makes for a suitable end to pursue.

2020 US Presidential Election

The 2020 US Presidential Election, due for November 2020, is an ideal example of a political battle with so many odds and possible outcomes.

  • Will President Trump retain his Presidency? Or will there be someone else who will replace him?
  • If so, will that individual be from the Republican Party like Trump? Or will it be a Democrat this time?
  • What are the odds that a different party will come to the fore in 2020?
  • Will the US see its first female President? Will it by any chance be a celebrity like Oprah Winfrey?

There’s speculation galore across all of these various possibilities and outcomes; indeed, political betting is already active on the way the 2020 US Presidential Election will pan out.

That is the reason on this page we have listed out various odds, both for the candidates as well as the parties. Needless to say, these odds really help while placing bets.

Keeping an Active Pulse

Successful political betting mandates a really active pulse on everything around on the political front, including all stakeholders.

Remember there are sudden changes that can dramatically affect odds. For example, there are candidates who often drop out of political races for a variety of reasons.

There’s clearly an ongoing need to have a really active pulse on everything that is happening on the political front, including nonpolitical activities which may end up having a political impact. For instance, a candidate may indulge in certain activity completely outside of politics, which may yet have a political impact, perhaps even the individual’s candidature being debarred. Yes, it is very tough to predict such happenstances but with an active pulse, bets can be changed in time to negate the possibility of absolute losses.

Multiple Sources of Information

Political betting is most successful when there are multiple sources from which accurate information can be gathered as promptly as possible. We say this because some moves on the political front are really sudden and yet have dramatic consequences. These can in turn impact the bets that have been placed.

Specifically, relying on mainstream news alone may prove insufficient. Today, social media has proven to be an excellent source of real time information on political events just as they happen.

Further, grapevine plays a big part; while at the outset it is brushed off as mere gossip mongering, often such grapevine proves to be true. An ideal political betting strategy will take all these aspects into consideration and bet accordingly.

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Acting Quickly

With an active pulse and multiple sources of information, as described above, there is an urgent need to act as quickly as possible. Otherwise, merely withholding the available information will prove to be fruitless.

To cite an example, if there is a sudden surge in the candidature of a particular entity, bets can be modified in a timely manner, in case previous bets brushed aside the prospects of that particular candidate.

The same way, if prospects start dimming for a certain candidate, perhaps even an entire party altogether, bets can be suitably modified at the earliest possible.

The bottom line in political betting – as with betting as a whole, is always to act swiftly, else chances of missing out on the ‘game’ altogether start to increase.


The extreme dynamism that we witness in the political space today has led to a scenario where there is active betting taking place. Politics bets are placed on a wide variety of aspects, be it leading candidates or frontrunner parties.

A savvy political bettor always has a keen eye on the political ground so that all such political happenstances are known just as they occur.

With this, there is ample scope for the slightest reaction time possible, for either placing or modifying bets; in line with the way “the wind is blowing” and “likely to continue blowing”. Adopting such a strategy, while unfailingly keeping odds in mind, invariably proves to be just the right approach to successful political betting.