US Online Sportsbook Reviews

The betting community is built around trust and reviews. Some users have played with the same sprotsbook for tens of years, from the time they were a small brick-and-mortar shop to modern, online days. Others just can’t seem to find their “home” when it comes to sports betting, due to less ideal relationships with broker after broker. With the wealth of choices readily available in the betting market, choosing a sprotsbook can become very difficult – which is where betting site reviews come in. We’re here to dissect the pros and cons of each sports betting website and give a verdict: are they worthy of your money, time, and attention?

Best Online Sports Betting Sites

Essentially, the entire relationship between a bettor and a sportsbook is based on trust – a key ingredient in most areas, from money management to customer support. Any betting enthusiast has the responsibility of carefully researching a sportsbook’s terms before committing to opening an account, but that’s where his responsibility ends. From that point onward, the sportsbook has to make sure that they truly enforce what they initially preach, or the trust cycle will be broken. And with such a wealth of competitors ready to pounce on any “free” customer, you can’t realistically expect to keep clients whose trust has been broken.

Managing your money

The way a sportsbook handles your funds is one of the most important aspects of the bettor-sportsbook relationship. Just think about it: what’s the point of having the best bonuses and odds on the market, if withdraws are slow and you can only deposit money using debit cards?

When it comes to money management, the criteria based on which sports betting sites are judged is very simple: clients want fast and easy withdraws and deposits, free or extremely cheap, and as many options as possible. This means that sports betting sites should give the opportunity to withdraw/deposit money from and to multiple types of cards (debit and credit), multiple e-wallets, and even more “special” options, like pre-paid cards.

Bonuses and special offers

If money management is the key to getting a person to consider a betting website, bonuses are the ingredient that convinces them to open an account. A bettor will find multiple sportsbooks that meet their deposit/withdraw conditions, no doubt about that.

They will, however, choose to open an account with the one which gives them the biggest bonus: the largest free bet, the biggest amount of money offered as a deposit bonus, free spins, you name it. There are lots of ways a sportsbook can create bonuses, and studies have shown that having good bonuses is the best way to get new clients and keep old ones using your website. In our reviews, bonuses play quite an important role.

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Customer support

In any bettor-sportsbook relationship, there are bound to be issues or things that require clearing out. Few things are more frustrating than having a question or a simple inquiry and waiting 3 days for an answer from customer support. Speedy resolution of issues, lots of means of communication, and reliability are the key ingredients here. E-mail communication doesn’t cut it, and phone conversations have fallen out of favor. Live chat is the current favorite among betting enthusiasts, but even the most flexible sports betting sites lose in terms of customer support if they’re not able to fix issues quickly and reliably.

Picking the right sportsbook

At the end of the day, remember that choosing a bookmaker isn’t a lifelong decision, and has to be aligned with your objectives. Not all sportsbooks cater to everyone – some focus on a particular sport, others on giving the best odds on the market.

Your objectives and favorite events to bet on should play a big role in selecting the sports betting site which you do business with. If you’re not satisfied in the first few months of the new relationship, simply change ships. This even comes with certain good parts, too: you’ll be able to access a new welcome bonus, which can be quite significant (depending on the betting site that you choose).

If you’re not sure about a sportsbook that we’ve reviewed, but are still curious, just make a small deposit at first. See how they move, how quickly the money appears in your accounts, and what odds and special offers they have after you become their client.

Maybe they’ll win you through customer support, through special odds for special games, or maybe just by doing the right, simple thing over and over again. In the meantime, we’ll be here to review as many sportsbooks that allow US players as possible, so you don’t have to worry about trying all of them. And trust us, there are a LOT of sportsbooks around.