Mobile Betting

A few years ago (very few, actually), targeting traffic which comes on a website from other devices than a PC was simply not worth it. In the gambling industry, however, this held even more weight than in other industries. Just think about it this way: how long has the gambling industry taken to move from traditional, physical casinos to the online world? Wouldn’t you expect the same kind of slowness to be present in adopting mobile betting as well? We certainly did, but recent studies not only showed us we were wrong – they’ve shown us that nobody in the gambling industry can choose to ignore mobile betting and expect to survive.

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In the US, especially, numbers simply don’t lie. Depending on what study you read, the percentage of website traffic coming from mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) is over 50%. Some say closer to 60%, other just over 50%, but the bottom line is the same: the majority of the web traffic in 2018 is coming from mobile devices. This percentage only grows when thinking about the 18-35 demographic, a key component in the gambling industry. People over 35 probably won’t develop a passion for gambling anymore, so it’s all about attracting the younger generations. Can you do this while ignoring mobile betting?

Of course not. And why should you? Using apps (because let’s be serious, you shouldn’t use websites off your mobile) has a lot of advantages over using a computer to place your bets, or going down to the shop and writing them in pencil. Naturally, younger generations will catch this trend quicker, while the older ones will slowly but steadily catch up and start to appreciate what mobile betting brings them.


Advantages of Mobile Betting

  • Faster selections and execution. Ironically, flowing through a betting app is a lot simpler than using a full-fledged website. This has something to do with the fact that apps are naturally sleeker, and tend to cut a lot of “useless” information and only leave users with the bare minimum they need. This is especially true in the gambling industry – the less things you have to worry about, the quicker you’ll get playing.
  • More flexibility. Be able to place your bets from anywhere and everywhere, as long as you have a smartphone or tablet with you an internet access. This makes the entire idea-to-execution flow a lot quicker. Previously, you had to be around a PC or laptop, search for internet connectivity, and others things. Now, going from “I believe LA Galaxy will win tonight” to putting some money on that belief is quicker than ever.
  • More user-friendly solutions. By nature, mobile apps (both Android and iOS) are simple, easy to use, and full of useful options. They’re very streamlined and make betting a real pleasure, unlike some website we know, where finding the thing you’re looking for can be quite a pain.
  • Streaming and additional services on every device. With great multi-tasking capabilities, smartphones can do a variety of things at the same time – including running a betting app which has built-in streaming capabilities. Watch your favorite game and bet on it at the same time, all while enjoying a cold one in the park. Mobile betting gives you that possibility.
  • Special bonuses. Last but not least, most sportsbooks who choose to take their presence to the mobile marketplace also offer their clients (usually, both new and old) some incentives to try out their app. This could mean anything from a deposit bonus, a re-deposit bonus, or a free bet to more niche-like bonuses, but they all have the same thing in common: they give you money in exchange for using a sportsbook’s mobile platform.

Clearly, the gambling industry cannot afford to ignore mobile traffic anymore. It’s no longer a matter of “if”, it is now a “when”. If a betting site doesn’t build an app and cater to the customers which would like to use its mobile version, it will quickly fall behind its competitors and become meaningless in the market. The moment technology took over the industry, the race to adapt to trends has been the name of the game. In 2018, this means mobile betting from any device, anywhere in the world, at the same quality you could expect from a physical shop. This is no longer a premium service – this is a standard request gambling fans will have. And the quicker sportsbooks realize this and act accordingly, the better of they’ll be. And the same goes for us as well.